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Shipping your vehicle between the Mainland and Hawaii, Alaska or Guam/Micronesia is easy! Matson is proud to offer the most frequent, dependable service in the trade. We're the auto shipping specialists -- we treat your auto carefully and our people are professionals.
NOTE: An auto shipment booking is required prior to delivery of your vehicle to Matson.

Click here for Matson's Hawaii and Guam/Micronesia Bill of Lading Terms and Conditions

Shipping between Tacoma and Alaska, click here for Matson’s Alaska Bill of Lading Terms and Conditions


September 5th, 2022

Long Beach CLOSED
Oakland CLOSED
Honolulu CLOSED
Nawiliwili CLOSED
Kahului CLOSED

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First time? Matson makes shipping your auto as easy as 1-2-3-4. Please review the Shipping Instructions before booking your auto.

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Matson's Liability for Your Automobile
We will make every effort to safeguard your automobile from damage. However, because unforeseen circumstances sometimes occur, we offer limited protection while your automobile is in our possession. If Matson is responsible for transportation damages that are apparent to your auto (excludes pre-existing damages or wear & tear items), our liability is limited to the amount of damage actually sustained to your automobile, not to exceed the market value of your automobile and, in no event, more than $1,000 per 40 cubic feet based on the size of your automobile (for the average-sized vehicle, this is approximately $8,000). This liability limit can be increased up to the full value of your automobile by declaring the value on your Dock Receipt and paying the appropriate additional freight rate. We do not provide any form of insurance. You should verify your personal marine insurance coverage for transportation damage and any other related insurance protection with your insurance carrier. ** For Alaska Trade vehicles only: With respect to the movement of Restored, Antique, Collectable, Exotic, Show or Low-Clearance vehicles, if Carrier agrees to ship such a vehicle, the vehicle is subject to a released value not to exceed $2,625 maximum total loss, to be noted on the bill of lading at time of shipping.