Agent Introduction

If you are looking to advance your business to the next level, you should consider moving your agency to Matson Logistics.

Matson offers a full array of services ranging from ocean, intermodal, dry van, flatbed and specialized hauling, LTL, and warehousing.

Today’s Market Challenges

Today’s highway brokers and intermodal marketing companies face growing competition from major asset-based carriers. Additionally, there is growing competition from the Class 1 rails, multimodal service providers, and 3PLs as many have success in converting accounts that traditionally used small highway brokers and IMC’s.

While competition increases, sourcing quality highway carriers and specialized carriers is becoming more challenging every day. Independent drivers and small fleet operators are on the decline. New regulations and enforcement will further constrain the supply of quality carriers.

At the same time, many customers are extending trade receivables as a term of doing business. Bank financing for small businesses has been a serious challenge for many companies as they struggle to maintain adequate cash flow. Collections of past due invoices has become more difficult as the financial stability of many shippers is in question. Risk has increased while your operating margins remain under constant pressure.

How Matson Can Advance your Business

Matson’s agency program is specifically tailored to meet the challenges in today’s transportation and logistics markets.

Matson’s financial strength will allow you to advance and grow your business while avoiding the financial challenges that banking institutions could impose on your current business model.

To compete with the asset-based highway providers you need band width and technology. You get both with Matson. With a base of over 30,000 qualified highway and specialized carriers in our network, you can cover your loads with a greater degree of confidence. Our TMS system gives you a view of equipment under dispatch and increases the potential for you to manage that capacity in a controlled dispatch environment. You cover more loads with greater efficiency to reduce your operating costs.

We provide the backroom resources so you can focus on your sales efforts. Matson manages the collections of your freight bills to give your more selling time. Cargo insurance and cargo claims are managed by our in-house staff of claims professionals.

As one of the largest intermodal marketing companies in the nation, we can offer multiple rail service options and negotiate highly competitive pricing to allow you to gain sales and market share. We also provide training and staff to help develop LTL business, and can support your customers’ warehousing and distribution needs.

With our technology and support team we can address your customers’ requirements with EDI communications, and secure web-enabled shipment tracking and tracing. We offer the agent a secured login environment, free load board access, sales and marketing support, and assistance in developing new lines of business to expand your revenue and margin.

Learn more today about how joining the Matson team can benefit you, your business, and your customers.

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