Shipping from China to the U.S. is easy and fast with Matson’s two expedited services, China – Long Beach Express (CLX) and China – Long Beach Express Plus (CLX+). Matson’s China shipping services have offered customers more than 15 years uninterrupted service and reliability.

Matson’s China – Long Beach Express is recognized for industry leading on-time arrivals, next day cargo availability, and seamless intermodal connections using Matson’s logistics unit, Matson Logistics. Matson’s China shipping service is also distinguished by its fast transit times from China to southern California and exceptional levels of customer service.

Customers shipping from China who are seeking to improve their supply chain, whether through fast transits, dependable vessel schedules, responsive customer service, or online shipment management capabilities, will benefit from Matson’s singular focus on service.

The advantages of Matson’s China – Long Beach Express include:

  • Fixed day arrivals and next day cargo availability on a Matson chassis
  • A conveniently located off-dock facility for all local cargo availability, which provides industry leading truck turn times at 25 minutes or less and requires no appointments
  • Dedicated terminal facility in Long Beach
  • ‘Right-sized’ vessels which allow faster loading and unloading of your cargoes
  • Expedited intermodal service to virtually any inland U.S. destination
  • Online technology that offers total in-transit cargo visibility

CLX+ offers the same fast, reliable and great service as CLX, plus additional Matson capacity and a second China to the U.S. West coast crossing each week on a back-to-back schedule with CLX.

For further information on shipping from China, or to place a booking, please contact a Matson customer service representative in the United States by calling 1-877-CHINA-02.

For cut offs, transit times, and other details about Matson’s China – Long Beach Express and China – Long Beach Express Plus or China-California Express, please click on the link below:

China – Long Beach Express and China – Long Beach Express Plus (CLX and CLX+) (Xiamen, Ningbo, Shanghai, Long Beach) (PDF)