Matson Logistics Supply Chain proactively manages supplier operations to help ensure the on-time availability of products that meet your quality standards. Based on your guidance as to which of your suppliers are to participate on-line, ML Supply Chain will help ensure that all supplier information flows to you, accurately and in real-time. Key components of the ML Supply Chain supplier management program include the ability to:

  • Arrange supplier education programs that include either individual or group supplier training in using the ML Supply Chain IT platform to provide milestone updates or to create packing lists and commercial invoices on-line.
  • Provide supplier operations manuals that explain in detail the expectations of your suppliers. These expectations include the milestones to be updated, the quantity and date exception tolerances, and any documents to be provided on-line.
  • Proactively monitor supplier production updates and ship window compliance. All information is visible to you in real-time, including those actions that require customer approval in order to proceed with a shipment.
  • Regularly monitor and review the ongoing performance of your suppliers, based on performance standards and metrics that you define.