Matson’s China Service includes a full range of intermodal service options that are designed to simplify your entire transportation move. Whether you want to ship pier-to-pier, or door-to-door, Matson’s experienced team of transportation professionals stand ready to assist you. Our extensive rail, truck, and barge networks in the United States and China enable us to provide you seamless transportation services on a Matson thru bill of lading, expanding Matson’s China Service scope well beyond our deep-sea marine terminals.

Matson intermodal services include:

  • A single bill of lading for your entire shipment move, including ocean, rail, truck, and/or barge transportation services
  • Arrangement and coordination of all transportation components of your shipments, including delivery of empty containers to your loading location and delivery of your full containers to destination for unloading.
  • Schedules that meet your requirements
  • State-of-the-art container shipment tracking and reporting systems
  • Prompt rate quotations

If you would like to simplify your shipping between the United States and China, please call Matson toll-free at 1-877-CHINA-02.