In order to expedite your claim, please read the following directions carefully. If you did not report damages at the time of pick up, please complete our Online Claim Form. Please be specific in describing where and what damages you are claiming. ***Please Note***: Concealed or non-apparent damage must be reported to Matson’s claims department within 3 calendar days of pick up. For more information regarding liability and time limits to file a claim please see Alaska Bill of Lading T&C..

If Matson is responsible for transportation damages that are apparent on your vehicle (excludes pre-existing damages or wear and tear items), our liability is limited to the amount of the damage actually sustained to your vehicle, not to exceed the market value. Should your claim be approved, we will pay the amount of the estimate directly to you. Matson will generally take 3-4 weeks to make a decision once your paperwork is received.

Physical Damages notated at pick up:

  • Please obtain a written vehicle repair estimate. If the estimate is over $500.00, a second estimate will be required. The estimate(s) should only be for repairs to the damages noted at the time of pick up.

Mechanical Damages notated at pick up:

  • If you noted any mechanical damages at the time of pick up, a mechanics statement will be required as well as an estimate for repair. Please have the mechanic write a statement of what is wrong with the vehicle as well as what could have caused the damages on their letterhead and/or on the estimate itself. Please be advised damage due and confined to mechanical and electrical breakdown, vehicle maintenance and normal wear and tear would not be considered as a covered repair as these are unrelated to the transport of your vehicle.

You may mail, email or fax your claim documentation to:

Matson Navigation Company, Inc.
555 12th Street, 8th Floor
Oakland, CA 94607
Attn: Claims Department


Fax Number: 510-628-7382

All faxes will be transmitted in black and white only. It is not recommended to fax photos.

Please be sure to include the following with your claim documentation:

  • A letter indicating the damage you are claiming to include a specific dollar amount
  • Matson Shipment/Booking number
  • Contact information including e-mail address, mailing address, and day time phone number
  • A copy of your vehicle survey indicating the new damage
  • If a mechanical issue, a statement from the mechanic
  • Photos of the damage (if applicable)
  • Any other documentation you feel will support your claim

If you have any questions, please contact our claims department at 510-628-4385 or toll free at 1-800-462-8766 and ask to be transferred to the claims department.