Matson is Hawaii and Guam’s most experienced carrier in moving cargo that doesn’t “fit in a box.”  Over the years, we have fully demonstrated our ability to carry virtually anything to and from the Islands:  construction materials, entertainment productions, tourist submarines, observatory mirrors, trolley cars, RVs, campers, trailers, forklifts, heavy machinery, buses and boats.  Matson will work with you on transporting one-time shipments or large project moves, which can involve careful coordination of transportation according to a well defined, time specific schedule.

Oversized cargo is freight that exceeds the dimensions of a container or flatrack, or exceeds equipment weight limitations.

Oversized cargo being lifted on to the deck of a Matson containership.Learn More

Our rates are based on your cargo’s dimensions and the type of service you select.

Oversized construction materials being prepared for shipping.Get an Estimate